About Us

“Why ¡Feliz!?”

We believe that convenience and quality do not have to be mutually exclusive, and “good” is never good enough. In an effort to bring you the best instant coffee, we created ¡Feliz! with the following values in mind: 

  • Freeze-dried

    • Did you know that coffee carries 7 of the 9 essential amino acids? However, instant coffee is typically made by being heated up to extreme temperatures, which destroys most of these amino acids (not to mention the flavor and delightful aroma!) - but that’s not how we roll. Our advanced freeze-dried methods freeze the coffee at -40 degrees celsius, then it is slowly dried at low temperatures. This preserves the coffee’s amino acids, flavors, and aromas while also making it soluble! 
  • Ethically sourced

    • Our coffee is sourced through partners that are committed to social and environmental responsibility, the continuous improvement of processes, and workers’ health. 
  • Packaged sustainably

    • According to the EPA, in 2018 landfills received over 27 million tons of plastic, the majority of this coming from containers and packaging.* In an effort to reduce waste and encourage upcycling, all ¡Feliz! coffee is packaged in tins with labels that easily peel off. Need a new pencil holder? What about a storage tin? We’d love to see what you can do!
  • Organic

    • We offer USDA certified organic options for both our ‘Regular’ and ‘Dalgona’ tins 
  • Convenient

    • All you need is water (plus sugar and/or creamer, if you’d like). Since no coffee pots or fancy gadgets are needed, ¡Feliz! coffee is perfect for camping, fishing, commuting, break rooms, or for anyone that doesn’t have the time to brew a full pot of coffee and drink it entirely before it goes cold. ¡Feliz! coffee can be made by the cup in just a few seconds!
  • Versatile

    • Although ¡Feliz! coffee is delicious on its own hot or cold, you can also use it to make whipped coffee (Dalgona), for baking, or to add coffee to protein shakes. The possibilities are endless. 

*Source: epa.gov