By bridging the gap between quality and convenience, we empower people to live a more healthy and happy life.


“We were tired of instant coffee that tasted burnt or watered down”

If you couldn't tell, we're brothers. Our earlobes really give it away... Our coffee journey all started in the middle of the pacific ocean. We were living on a sailboat and only had one option for our caffeine fix. Instant coffee. It was crazy convenient but the taste, at best, just wasn't comparable with a brewed coffee. 

We started experimenting with roasting coffee, flavor profiles and aromas, and bean origin. A few years later, we created ¡Feliz! to bring our delicious convenient coffee (that doesn't sacrifice taste, quality or ethics) straight to you.

We believe good is never good enough. This drives us to keep creating coffee that makes people happy with each sip.

- Jason and Zach
  ¡Feliz! Founders

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A great healthy cup of coffee should be accessible to everyone, anywhere. Mountain top, kitchen, camping trip, home office, beach, cozy cabin, etc.. ¡Feliz! provides a world class cup of coffee with just a little hot water and a scoop of coffee.

It's 2020 and we need to talk about Instant Coffee.

Instant coffee gets a bad rap and we can see why. Too often it tastes more like ash than the aromatic fruits from which it comes.

And those spray dried instants, coffee pods or the quick fix coffee at your local fast-food chain, simply prove that the words quality and convenience just don't go together when it comes to coffee.

But that's changing.

Instant coffee deserves a renovation. Modernized for the way we live. Refined for the discerning people who not only care about the taste but about how and where it was made.

With ¡Feliz! we've done just that. It's a redo at instant coffee. A fresh start that provides unmatched convenience and flexibility with the ethics, standards, and quality we've come to expect in premium coffee. Just the way it should be.

¡Feliz! is our redemptive take on instant coffee and we're sending it to you with free shipping anywhere in the U.S. 

We practice what we preach and we take pride in our products that are effective, safe, and organic. You hold yourself to a high standard, and so should your coffee.

So, here's to no more settling. Invest in yourself. Live a more happy healthy life.

Instant coffee that break the stereotypes.

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Natural & Organic

From farm to cup, we never use any fertilizers, pesticides or chemicals in our coffee. Certified USDA Organic.


Premium 100% Colombian Coffee

Only the finest coffee is hand picked from authentic family farms that are proudly apart of the Colombian Coffee Federation. 


Delicious & Healthy

Velvety smooth flavor packed with crisp and fresh aromas. Balanced with the 7 essential amino acids naturally found in coffee.

Invest in yourself with delicious convenient coffee.

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