Is the Caffeine in Instant Coffee Enough to Wake Me Up? (Yes!)

Is the Caffeine in Instant Coffee Enough to Wake Me Up? (Yes!)

A hot, tasty beverage that's a snap to make and will give you that energy boost you're looking for?

Are you dreaming? No! You're discovering the wonders of well-made instant coffee.

The caffeine in instant coffee is a blessing in a tin. As long as it's made with high standards, it will give you all the energy-boosting benefits you're used to from a regular brew. We'll walk you through everything you never knew you needed to know:

Does Instant Coffee Have Caffeine?


We know, it sounds too good to be true. But we should know—we're avid testers of our work.

How Much Caffeine Is There in Instant Coffee?

The cup of coffee you buy at the local cafe will have 80-100 milligrams, more or less, of precious caffeine. Tea will have 20-50 milligrams, depending on the type, and a cup of ¡Feliz! instant coffee will have the same caffeine level as regular coffee.

This is because instant coffee is made from regular brewed coffee. It's just dehydrated, making it into a portable and convenient powder. Companies vary in how well they make the coffee before dehydrating it, but here at ¡Feliz!, we keep our standards high.

You might not hear other instant coffee companies brag about the origins of their coffee or the aromas that are stored inside. Then again, other companies aren't us.

At ¡Feliz!, our instant coffee is certified USDA organic, comes from family farms in Colombia, and is carefully chosen and brewed to keep the flavor top-notch. Instant coffee doesn't have to be a dust-flavored imitation of the brewed coffee we know and love.

A good quality instant coffee is from the same family as all the other high quality coffees out there. Think of it like brewed coffee's kid cousin. Easy to carry around, not too different in composition from the regular item, and somehow always dehydrated.

Just add some water, and you'll be ready for whatever comes your way.

Is It Brewing?

You may have heard that you should brew coffee with very hot water in order to extract as much caffeine as possible.

This might be true in regular brewed coffee, but instant coffee is different. When you open a packet of our instant coffee and pour it out, we've already extracted the caffeine for you. The water here serves a different purpose.

Because each tiny piece of instant coffee powder is just coffee minus the water, adding water will dissolve the powder and bring it back to its full, glorious state. It's not 'brewing,' just re-hydrating.

Chances are, you'll want your coffee to be hot anyway so it feels and tastes perfect. But you don't have to worry about the temperature interacting with the caffeine content. In fact, you might even want to dissolve the powder in a little cold water before adding the hot water to get a smoother flavor (shhh—you didn't hear this from us!).

Variations on a Theme

When you mix up a frothy layer of Dalgona coffee to pour over milk, you may be thinking: will this really have a kick? Although blended coffee drinks seem sweet and weaker than regular coffee, it all comes down to what's inside.

Yes, a Dalgona whipped foam might feel mild. Especially if you're drinking it with a tall glass of milk, you might not feel the jolt you're used to. But rest assured, as long as you drink the whole thing, the caffeine content will remain unchanged.

Whatever you put into your cup is what your cup will then put into your body. But wait! Is the 'awakeness' of the post-coffee golden hour(s) due to caffeine alone?

Let's Get Scientific With It: Coffee Psychology

If you're used to a rush of caffeine in the morning, you might be spurred on mentally by the feeling of that jolt. In this case, the full coffee experience will be partly from the caffeine itself, and partly from the psychological effects.

For some people, especially those who are attuned to bitterness, their brains have associated the unique bitter flavor of coffee to the pleasant reward of energy and happiness.

Because humans don't usually ingest bitter things, this taste only appears at specific times. And this is the perfect setup for unknowingly conditioning ourselves to get excited at the taste of bitter coffee.

If you think this might describe you, then the type of instant coffee drink you make really does matter. While a sweet blended coffee might have the same caffeine levels as a black coffee, you might need that bitterness for the full psychological effect.

What Does Caffeine in Instant Coffee Do Again?

Through this whole article, we've been saying caffeine keeps you awake. And chances are, as a coffee lover, you already knew that! But what does 'keeping you awake' really mean?

Caffeine boosts alertness, keeping you from napping at your desk while enhancing your focus. It can also make you happier. Caffeine promotes feelings of well-being and gives you more energy to do what you need to do.

Let's Get Scientific (Again)

Alright, so what are these feelings of well-being? If you want to know how this works on a chemical level, we'll break it down for you.

Caffeine is roughly the size and shape of a neurotransmitter called adenosine. When it enters your body, it can block adenosine from entering adenosine receptors, changing the balance of other chemicals in your brain.

Here's where things get interesting. Part of adenosine's job is to regulate other chemicals, like dopamine. When adenosine blocked by caffeine, your body receives more of dopamine (the 'happy' hormone), as well as adrenaline and serotonin.

All of this culminates in the warm burst of energy you feel after drinking a hot cup of your favorite coffee.

What If I Don't Want Caffeine?

So we heard you want a ¡Feliz! decaf option. Whether you're living caffeine-free or just want that delicious coffee taste throughout the day without the extra jitters, a decaf instant coffee is a solid, convenient choice.

We don't have a decaf instant coffee yet, but we are working hard on bringing you the perfect blend. Look out soon for our newest innovations!

Now, Go Try It for Yourself!

We could go on all day about the caffeine in instant coffee and what it can do for your life. But we know that seeing—or in this case, tasting—is believing.

So go ahead and try our instant coffee for yourself! We've got free shipping and a First Sip Happiness Guarantee. If you don't love it, we'll refund you're purchase.

...but if you're into daily pick-me-ups, great flavor, and unbeatable convenience, we have a feeling you'll stick around.