Can you make espresso with instant coffee?

Can you make espresso with instant coffee?

While instant coffee is great when you just want a quick cup of coffee in the morning (or anytime), there’s just something about espresso style drinks that can’t be beat. One thing we actually see quite a bit of is people wondering if they can use instant coffee to make some of those drinks. The short answer is yes, kind of.

How Espresso & Instant Coffee Differ

With traditional espresso, you’re using a finely ground coffee and using a very high pressure water stream to shoot through it, resulting in the bold taste of espresso everyone loves. However, instant coffee is already brewed and then spray or freeze dried (Feliz is freeze dried, and you can read about the process). The flavor is going to be that of brewed coffee and won’t be the same as an espresso shot.

Instant Coffee, Espresso Style

All of that said, you can tinker with instant coffee to get a similar drink to a latte or whatever your preferred drink is. The important thing to keep in mind is the water to instant coffee ratio. An espresso shot is about 1oz, so you’ll want to stick to a similar measurement. You’ll want to do:

  • 1tbsp Feliz Instant Coffee
  • 1oz Hot water

This ratio creates a very strong shot of instant coffee that mixes well with 8oz or so of milk. You’ll get a strong coffee flavor but without some of the bitterness thanks to the milk. If you enjoy a stronger coffee flavor, either reduce the milk, or add in a little more instant coffee. Likewise, increase the amount of milk to cut down on the strength of the coffee. Personally, I recommend sticking to the scale a lot of coffee shops use of 1 shot per 6-8oz of milk.

There you go! A quick at home espresso style drink without the wait.