All About the Dalgona Coffee Trend

Calling all coffee-lovers and soon to be coffee lovers! Dalgona coffee is the next caffeinated beverage that is hot on the market. This whipped up coffee drink has become an instant hit over social media platforms such as TikTok.

But... what is Dalgona coffee? How is it made? Keep reading to find out where it all started, how to make it, and the TikTok Challenge that brought it to the world's attention. 

Where Did Dalgona Coffee Originate?

Before March of 2020, there was nothing on Dalgona coffee, no searches, no articles, nothing. Around March of 2020, Dalgona coffee became a popular trend that was shared across many social media platforms. 

Dalgona is a South-Korean toffee that mimics the consistency of whipped coffee. The craze can be owed to a South-Korean based actor, Jong-Il Woo, who was seen on YouTube drinking whipped coffee in a cafe. Soon, after seeing how easy and fun it is to make the Dalgona coffee, have begun to do it themselves. 

The whipped coffee trend was a hit for people, especially since the majority of the world was in quarantine. This drink gave everyone something to do every morning while sharing it for others to join in on the fun. 

Whipped coffee however isn't new. There are many cultures that have been enjoying the treat for ages and were already ahead of the trend. Users who have already been accustomed to the whipped coffee came on social media, to offer tips on how to improve upon the coffee

What Is Dalgona Coffee?

Dalgona coffee is instant coffee, sugar, boiling water, that gets whipped together and then plopped on top of milk, or some other form of dairy. It is then enjoyed with some ice.

When making it, you just mix the ingredients together with a fork, whisk, or handheld mixer until brown, soft peaks begin to form in your bowl or cup. The look of it is aesthetically pleasing, no wonder why it is such a hit on social media. 

It is a drink that is tasty while giving high-quality cafe vibes right from someone's kitchen. The ingredients and tools are also cheap and readily available so many are mesmerized with creating a drink for a total of $3 or less. Cafes would definitely charge more for a great drink like this! 

Dalgona Challenge

The challenge for this whipped coffee is easy to take part in. You can either do it in video or picture format. If you do video, all you have to do is take videos of you mixing the ingredients, whipping the ingredients, pouring milk into a glass of ice, and then dolloping the whipped result on top.

For pictures, you can just take pictures of the process, and the final result while tagging the Dalgona coffee challenge. Make sure the pictures are beautifully taken to fit the challenge! 

Dalgona Social Media Portrayal

When searching for Dalgona coffee on platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram, there are over a hundred thousand posts. Users have taken a simple challenge and have done some of the most creative things with it. 

On TikTok, users usually put happy, upbeat music and begin speeding through the making process. Others take the time to add relaxing music to show how the drink is their token of happiness in isolation. 

Instagram users put the drink in beautiful mason jars, on top of coffee beans, or with the whip dripping down the side of the cup! It's so interesting to see what users come up with and even in isolation, there is room for a creative outlet. 

Dalgona Health Benefits

On average, Dalgona coffee has around 374 calories and contains 14 grams of protein. The drink is low in calories compared to a lot of the sugary drinks in cafes. The calories can also be brought down with an alternative dairy substitute instead of milk. 

The amount of calories is also dependent on how much of the coffee, sugar and dairy are consumed. For those who have more than one cup of coffee throughout the day should be conscious of this but for those who only need one cup, this is perfectly fine.

Dalgona coffee has been linked to possible weight loss as long as the dairy and sugar are monitored. It is also an instant energy booster instead of waiting for other drinks to kick in. Consumers who purchase energy drinks or sugary drinks have no control over the amount of sugar that goes into their drinks, but with Dalgona coffee, it can be adjusted. 

There is also slightly less caffeine so it may be a better option for those who react harshly to caffeine. 

Dalgona Recipe

The Dalgona recipe is super easy and fun to make for you and a friend. All you need are the ingredients, and a whipping tool to create a beautiful drink for two people! 

  • 2 tablespoons of sugar
  • 2 tablespoons of hot water (can be microwaved water)
  • 2 tablespoons of instant coffee
  • Ice
  • Milk

Once you have your ingredients, you can put them into a bowl and use a fork, a whisk, or the best option, a handheld mixer, to whip up the coffee. It takes a few minutes for the ingredients to get aerated and form fluffy, soft, peaks so be patient! You will definitely feel like it is a workout if you use a fork or whisk. With the handheld mixer it typically takes around 30-60 seconds.

Once your peaks have formed, you can grab your favorite glass, pour some ice into it, and then some milk. Finally, take your whipped creation, and pour it into the milk-filled glass. You can smooth it out so it looks neater.

A quick tip that has been shared by a few users is instead of whipping it by hand, you can pour it all into a cup, including milk, and seal it off with plastic wrap or create a makeshift shaker with another glass. Then, after seeing that it is tightly shut, you want to shake it really hard until you see that the mixture has been foamy. 

Dalgona Coffee Recipe

You can snap your picture, post it to social media so others can see your hard work and then enjoy! 

Dalgona Matcha Drink

For those who can not drink coffee or do not like it, do not fret! There is a drink alternative for you that is equally beautiful, and easy to make. 

While the Dalgona whipped coffee has become popular, there have been many who could not take part so they have decided to make a different version of it using matcha like Candice Walker did.

Dalgona Macha Whipped Drink

The ingredients are also readily available in your home! 

All you need is 1 egg white or aquafaba, 1 tablespoon sugar, 1 tablespoon matcha, and 1 cup of milk. 

Once you have your ingredients, you want to whip the egg white, or aquafaba until it is frothy. Then you want to add in the sugar and whip til white peaks form. Finally, sift the matcha powder into the peaks and dollop it over your milk and ice mixture.

These drinks look great with its dark green foam contrasted with the white milk. Matcha is lighter in flavor and only has a bit of caffeine. This drink is perfect for those who are caffeine sensitive and it tastes great and light. 

Dalgona Alternatives

For those who are health conscious or can not consume certain ingredients, there are alternatives available. You can substitute the sugar for whipped coconut cream or aquafaba. The milk can be oat milk or coconut milk.

You can even stock up on organic instant coffee instead of regular instant!

Some add-ins can also be put into the whipped Dalgona. Some people prefer boba which is tapioca pearls. Others have been putting chocolate wafer straws into the coffee. A simple way to spruce up the dish is to sprinkle some cinnamon or nutmeg on top! 

Dalgona Coffee with Cinnamon on top

The same can be done for the matcha alternative. There are different flavored variations of the tapioca pearls to add some pizazz! 

Make Your Whipped Coffee Now 

Making Dalgona coffee is easy and fun! Now that you know the recipe and how to jazz it up, get to it! The ingredients are usually readily available and this recipe only takes a maximum of ten minutes. For those who can't drink coffee, try the matcha alternative to get in on the Dalgona challenge! 

Quarantine has been saved with Dalgona coffee to the rescue. It is even great to see the many different ways social media users have creatively shown off their drinks! Make your Dalgona coffee and upload it as soon as you can! 

Check out our page for our story and the instant coffee that will help you make your Dalgona whipped coffee! 

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