The Good Instant Coffee


USDA Organic Options

No harmful chemicals, fertilizers, or pesticides were used while growing and making our organic coffee.

Recyclable & Sustainable

Responsibly made with recyclable tin packaging. Toss it in the recycle or repurpose it!


Just add water! No waiting, no waste, no stress. A cup of coffee is always just a moment away.


How is your instant coffee different from other brands?

Simple answer: It’s the good instant coffee! More detailed answer: To ensure that the coffee is high quality, ethically sourced, flavorful and actually tastes good (without the powdery/burnt/bitter taste that is often associated with instant coffee), it is freeze dried and ethically sourced Colombian Arabica (for all caffeinated versions) and Brazilian Robusta (for decaf). Freeze drying allows the coffee to retain its essential amino acids and flavor that is often lost if it is spray dried. We also avoid the use of pesticides and all coffee is checked for mold.

Are pesticides used in your products?

Nope! However, only our organic instant coffee has the official Organic certification. 

Is your coffee checked for mold?

Yes! All of our coffee is checked over to make sure there isn’t a case of mold. It also goes through wet processing, which is a mold deterrent.

Do you offer wholesale?

Yes! We currently offer wholesale in our organic coffee. You can check it out here: Wholesale Organic Instant Coffee

Do you have a recommended serving size?

We like to do a measured tablespoon with around 8 OZ of water. A slightly heaping tablespoon gives a stronger flavor, and adding more water dilutes the flavor. If you like the flavor of extra strong coffee without the extra caffeine we recommend mixing a tablespoon of Organic or Original with ½ tbs of decaf - the possibilities are endless! 

What does “ethically sourced” mean?

Our coffee is sourced through companies that not only comply with applicable laws and regulations, but also create sustainable value for Colombian coffee growers, positively impact relationships with the environment, the coffee growers union, the community and other stakeholders, and are committed to social and environmental responsibility, the continuous improvement of processes, and workers’ health.


Was skeptical when reading "the best instant coffee" since almost all my past experiences with instant coffee don't even resemble the taste of a real cup of joe. But this is just that! This is by far the best instant coffee I've graced my tastebuds with. Highly recommend, even for the instant coffee skeptics.

Wesley Harkavy

Delicious instant coffee! Easy to mix with hot water, make a fun Dalgona, and mix into a smoothie for a tasty kick! Love being able to make my morning coffee differently depending on my mood! Highly recommend!

Nick B

This coffee is so good!! Great flavor- You wouldn’t even know it’s instant coffee! And the packaging is super cute!

Seth & Lauren

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